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Want to know how you can evolve into the best version of you?

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Mindset is the key. That's where your power lives!


Has anyone ever asked you who you are? I’ve been working on the answer to that my entire life (and still am) because it can be answered a million ways. For instance:

At 29, I took up the game of golf and became a touring pro. I failed LPGA qualifying school 3 times.

I am the “middle child” from an Italian family of six. My father died in my arms.

I am a mother. I’ve never met my daughter’s father.

I have a Master’s degree. I couldn’t break 1000 on my SATs.

I taught golf at two of the most exclusive country clubs in the country. I’ve been fired, twice.

I have lived in 6 states. I lost a home to fire.

But wait… Is this REALLY what defines me? Is this who I AM?

What I’ve realized is that the “facts” of my life are not what actually define me. It got me thinking, how could I be so strong in one instance and not in the next? I had to look deeper and face all the chatter in my head, knowing that when I pushed myself and got out of my comfort zone, the real WENDY was able to emerge. 

So I asked myself, How do I get this WENDY to show up everyday, in every role she plays? How does she overcome the roller coaster of highs, lows, frustration, loneliness, uncertainty, inner conflict, being misunderstood…? 

The answer is Strands of Strength. 

I’ve proven that if you are clear about who you are, are aligned to your values, are an active and honest participant in your tribe, if you take care of your physical self, have the courage to demonstrate grit and live as a mindful being, the real you can emerge also.

I am here to help you push beyond your boundaries and find your EDGE.

I am here, daring you to THINK BIGGER, ACT BIGGER, BE BIGGER.


At the end of your week do you have an empty tank? Simply tapped out…

This Challenge is not only a checklist of daily habits to build energy but more importantly develops an awareness of how these habits are affecting your life. These are the foundational necessities that you have control over everyday. Wellness is directly related to your energy, your relationships, and your overall success. 


Get started with my MINI-COURSE!

I will personally walk you through the 6 strands so you have a better understanding of where you want to go.  


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Our self and influence monthly tribe is designed so we evolve into the best versions of ourself and lead at the highest level.


Who are you? What do you want?

In your business or in your personal life, having these answers is what separates the most successful people from everyone else. Staying constantly aware of these answers allows you to press on during the hard times and enjoy even of more the good times in life.



The mission of our podcast is to share the stories, and lives, of individuals who live into the philosophy behind Strands of Strength. SOS podcast coming soon.


"I met Wendy four years ago- we were brought together when I started my career at Sebonack Golf Club. Since then she has become my friend, mentor and someone I am fortunate to look up to. Not only does Wendy have the athletic tools necessary to be an excellent life coach, but she possesses the life tools. Her background playing and instructing professionally with the most elite instructors at one of the nation's most exclusive golf clubs has given her unparalleled experience over her career. Wendy’s natural charisma and energy with everyone she comes in contact with makes people feel welcome, secure and confident. As a friend and colleague of Wendy, I know she is a wonderful life coach and recommend her for you."

- Lauren Franson

"I had the joy of being helped immeasurably in my golf game by the wonderful, capable, cheerful, intelligent Wendy Posillico. Every moment with Wendy, on the range or on the golf course, was not only instructional, but as much fun as one can have. Her knowledge of the game, her ability to teach and help one improve is of star quality. Anyone, in the future, who will have the pleasure of being taught by Wendy and being in her company will be the better for it. Let me say that golf with her was the most fun I have ever had on a golf course and that includes Augusta and Pebble... She gave me a whole new outlook and feel... like a good book that one can't put down or a movie you don't want to end. "

- John Jakobson

"Wendy has the uncanny ability of making you feel welcome and comfortable from the first moment you meet. The kind of comfort as though you have known each other forever. The comfort that makes you feel safe to open up and be yourself. The comfort that makes you feel confident, and protected - allowing you to be vulnerable with your mentor, to find success in your journey. Whether it's perfecting my golf swing, listening to life's challenges, or giving advice about being a mother... Wendy is steadfast and incredibly insightful. She is so sincere, genuine, and remarkably talented - she makes her job seem effortless. She taps into who you are as an individual, and allows you to discover the core of what you need to thrive. I am proud to call Wendy my coach... On the course, and in life. And I am truly blessed to be able to call her my friend. "

- Marisol Page

"Working with Wendy is fun and motivational. She makes you think and pushes you. Wendy's personality and approach is perfect for me. I am benefiting on and off the court from my sessions with her. I feel like Wendy's help will take my game to the next level."

- Ingrid Neel

"I have been very fortunate to have had Wendy Posillico as a mentor in my life for over 15 years. As a friend more akin to family, she has coached me through my most trying times. Our true journey started one summer afternoon on the practice range. She had just won the local Club Championship and after receiving the trophy, instead of celebrating, invited me to go with her to hit a few more. In a small few adjustments she improved my swing and in what became an hour of poignant and insightful conversation, she improved my perspective. That day, I became a life- long student to an incredible teacher. She continues to bring me back into alignment with my why, enabling me to cultivate my “best-self” in all that I do. If you are someone looking to connect with your purpose and have a desire to live on the championship level of life, I guarantee that Wendy will support your growth in every way and inspire you to find the passion that it takes to propel you there."

- Mary Carpenter

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