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Unleash your talents
by transforming your mindset.


Most athletes spend countless hours focusing on the physical without recognizing the importance of the mental aspect of the game. True champions train their bodies and their minds, the combination of which gives them the competitive edge to bring their game to the next level. Working with athletes of all ages and ability levels is my passion — specifically those who hope to realize their highest potential by training their minds. When athletes master personal clarity, sports psychology, and mindfulness, they can enjoy a new level of possibility and results.


Having a purpose is fundamental to performing at your highest level. What drives you? What is your motivator? What is your WHY? Clarity is uncovering your deeply rooted motives empowering you to channel your energy into achieving your goals.


The next step in unlocking your true potential is working efficiently. We will develop a SMART plan focusing on both your achievements as well as developing coping mechanisms to systematically overcome any setbacks that may occur in order to execute your every move with precision.


You will ultimately understand that being mindful of self-talk, energy, focus, how you want to show up and your preparation will be in alignment with your WHY. This shift is paramount in overcoming barriers such as, lack of focus, stress, anxiety and emotion. When your mind is aligned with your goals, your preparation becomes second nature and your greatest potential is uncovered.


Tailored sessions for every athlete

I support my athletes by providing a curriculum rooted in the Competitive Edge Development method, which caters to the athlete's unique needs and experiences. Since every relationship is different, the coaching schedule will be determined after our first private session.

In one-on-one sessions, we work on building clarity, structure, and mindfulness to broaden your personal indentity. Ongoing communication and coaching ensure the full integration of your new mindset, which will generate powerful results.

Are you ready to transform your game?

My clients describe their current state as distracted, frustrated, or blocked. They work with a coach to improve their physical game, but all too often these athletes forget to focus on the mental aspect of their sport and their life. While they have the talent and passion to dominate, they don't know how to get in the performance zone.

Sometimes trying harder just doesn't cut it. If you have the desire to improve, call me - I'll help you get to the source of your block and discover your mental power.



"I had the joy of being helped immeasurably in my golf game by the wonderful, capable, cheerful, intelligent Wendy Posillico. Every moment with Wendy, on the range or on the golf course, was not only instructional, but as much fun as one can have. Her knowledge of the game, her ability to teach and help one improve is of star quality. Anyone, in the future, who will have the pleasure of being taught by Wendy and being in her company will be the better for it. Let me say that golf with her was the most fun I have ever had on a golf course and that includes Augusta and Pebble... She gave me a whole new outlook and feel... like a good book that one can't put down or a movie you don't want to end. "

- John Jakobson

"I met Wendy four years ago- we were brought together when I started my career at Sebonack Golf Club. Since then she has become my friend, mentor and someone I am fortunate to look up to. Not only does Wendy have the athletic tools necessary to be an excellent life coach, but she possesses the life tools. Her background playing and instructing professionally with the most elite instructors at one of the nation's most exclusive golf clubs has given her unparalleled experience over her career. Wendy’s natural charisma and energy with everyone she comes in contact with makes people feel welcome, secure and confident. As a friend and colleague of Wendy, I know she is a wonderful life coach and recommend her for you."

- Lauren Franson

""Wendy has the uncanny ability of making you feel welcome and comfortable from the first moment you meet. The kind of comfort as though you have known each other forever. The comfort that makes you feel safe to open up and be yourself. The comfort that makes you feel confident, and protected - allowing you to be vulnerable with your mentor, to find success in your journey. Whether it's perfecting my golf swing, listening to life's challenges, or giving advice about being a mother... Wendy is steadfast and incredibly insightful. She is so sincere, genuine, and remarkably talented - she makes her job seem effortless. She taps into who you are as an individual, and allows you to discover the core of what you need to thrive. I am proud to call Wendy my coach... On the course, and in life. And I am truly blessed to be able to call her my friend." "

- Marisol Page

""Working with Wendy is fun and motivational. She makes you think and pushes you. Wendy's personality and approach is perfect for me. I am benefiting on and off the court from my sessions with her. I feel like Wendy's help will take my game to the next level." "

- Ingrid Neel


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