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As an Elite Mindset Coach, and have worked with some of the best — Brendon Burchard, Bo Eason, Roger Love, David Asprey, Lynn Marriot, and Pia Nilsson, to name a few. These people have inspired me to take my game to the next level, both as an athlete and a coach. I push my clients to find their WHY on a journey to self discovery. 


Being an athlete is about more than winning. Clarity, preparation, and focus are all essential to performance. As a professional golfer and LPGA teaching professional, I’ve found that my conditioning is only as effective as my mindset allows. The mindset I learned throughout my years golfing has allowed me to apply the same resilience in every area of my life. 


Until Josi June came along when I was forty, I thought I was working at my highest level — but then my purpose grew even clearer. Through my daughter, I’ve pushed myself as an influencer to lead with passion and help others find their way. More than that, I strive to teach my daughter to be her most authentic self and to work hard to be her very best. 


Empowerment comes from every direction. I am blessed with an incredible family and devoted friends who honor my mission, struggles, and dreams. They have my back, challenge me, and help me tackle things I never imagined possible. From being a single mother by choice, to taking up a sport at thirty, my tribe has given me unconditional support when I was headed into the unknown. Without my loved ones, I’m not sure where I would be today.


If you ask my tribe, I tend to take the road less traveled. I gain energy from different cultures, people, ages, ideas, attitudes, and experiences. From taking up a sport at thirty, to following my intuition about motherhood, transformation comes when I step outside my comfort zone. In those moments, I’m truly alive.


My mission is to inspire people to be more daring and authentic, and to enjoy every step of their journey. As a coach, I am clear in my purpose to serve those who want more. I’ve found that it’s important to ask the hard questions in order to grow, and be the best mother, friend, and coach I can be. Ultimately, I work every day to honor my why — to own it, love it, and ultimately live it.


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