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4th of July with my Dad

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2019

I love this day because my dad celebrated our country every year with everyone he knew. Family, friends, workers and their family, friends of friends…everyone was invited. The day went like this… the entire family running around setting up for a 4 o’clock bash! ⁣🇺🇸

Actually dad was squeezing in a round of golf while my mom orchestrated the party prep. Every inch of the backyard had to be decorated…. streamers, flags, red, white and blue flowers everywhere, tables and chairs covered the lawn, balloon arch to enter the pool area where there were more tables and chairs. And live band and a full bar! FOOD and drinks for everyone! ⁣

Every year we celebrated independence day and it was one of my dad’s favorite days of the year! He loved be with friends and family and entertaining to a level I have never seen before! Family and friends would come in from all over the place to be part of his HUGE Party! He just had a way of bringing everyone together!!! ⁣

He’s gone 15 years, and 4th of July isn’t quite the same! Not at all! I miss him and miss his contagious way of celebrating life and our country! Although I am across the country this year for the 4th, I feel him so much around me today and so missing him and my entire family! 


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