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Uncategorized May 20, 2019

I was just on a call this morning with two volleyball olympians. WOW.. I just love learning from elite performers. Many things came up on the call...out of so many there were two insights that really resonate with me!⁣

These women are at the top of their game, and their thought around building confidence was 12 years of working hard. They literally had exhausted themselves. ⁣

Working this hard became a push; which at times turned into anxiety and, as a result, made it difficult to generate confidence. Many times the result was their thoughts becoming “I am not good enough.”⁣

Have you ever felt that way while pushing so hard to make something happen? ⁣I have found that things not happening, and especially things not happening in our own timeframes, equate the same at times in our minds.⁣

A lot of confidence comes from SELF TALK and good SELF TALK comes from having confidence. ⁣So what do we do? ⁣

If we can shift our definition of confidence from “I’m only confident when I get the results I want” into “I am confident that when I go through my own process, I have the highest likelihood of achieving the results I want” magic can happen. The more chances you can create for your goals to be achieved the higher the likelihood you have of success. ⁣

The shift for these olympians was changing the thought in their minds to “everything I need to have is already in me and I will figure it out!”⁣

The goal is that when things go astray, they are grounded enough to adjust, and pivot to a different plan of attack. The finish line remains the same yet the route taken to cross it changes. ⁣They work smarter towards their goals, not just harder.⁣

What areas of your life can you apply this shift to?⁣ Where can you work smarter and not just harder?⁣ Where can you take pride in your process and tell yourself you know you’ll have plenty of chances to succeed here?


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