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Defining Moments

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2019

Last night on my group call we really dove into Clarity by defining the characteristics that make up who we are when are at our best. My clients were at a point with theirs and they discussed their character strengths. ⁣

Then I challenged them to write about a defining moment, specifically, a moment where they felt lost, a dark moment.⁣

Most people don’t share these moments with others yet these are the points in their life where they had to dig deep and find their grit. The hard times that force us to stay true to our guiding principles and clear with what we want. ⁣

I believe these moments are gifts and opportunities for us to push ourselves to the next level. Another discovery we had was that most of  them did not realize the strengths they DID have during those moments. Whether we are excelling or we are in a moment of struggle…there are lessons that we need to look at and learn from so we can take them into our future.⁣

When was a time in your life where you might have struggled, yet you persevered and found strengths in you that you never knew existed?


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