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Uncategorized Sep 27, 2019

GRIT... Did you happen to catch the US open women's finals a few weeks ago? I watched in amazement as I watched Serena who was down a set and down 5-1 in the second set, come back from 2 match points to tie the match 5-5. Even though she lost, she demonstrated what a true competitor is all about. ⁣

It takes me back to when I was starting golf and sat in a room with a hall of famer named Kathy Whitworth. I remember vividly this woman saying "it doesn't matter if you're shooting 65 or 85...every shot counts and must be given the same attention no matter what.” The true lessons are learned at the difficult moments when it is easy to give up. You need GRIT. This can be in sports, relationships, business, etc... ⁣

I love my ‘GRIT’ pin as a reminder to keep pushing forward and playing hard. Where can you push yourself when you're about to quit?


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