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Happy New Year!

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2020

Happy new year, guys! Nine days into the new year.

I wanted to touch base with you guys to see how you're doing and also really touch base to challenge you this year to push you to not really doing a resolution for the new year.

A resolution to me, most people pick being healthy or going to the gym and then there's not really a plan. It doesn't really stick, and then you're left a month, two months in kind of without anything.

I want to challenge you to be really intentional about this year and pick a word that you want to be more of. Pick a word that resonates with you and how you want to show up in 2020 and for this new decade.

How I want you to do this is this. Number one, I just want you to take some time this week, get really quiet, carve out 10 minutes, and just ask yourself and be quiet. No phone, no TV, no kids, nothing distracting you, and just be quiet in the present by yourself, maybe outdoors on a walk or maybe in your room and just ask your question, "What is my word this year? For 2020, what is my word?" And just let it come.

Maybe a couple of words pop up and you want to try it out. So number one, you got to carve out the time for that word to speak to you.

Number two is when you get that word that mean something to you, I want you to write it everywhere, so when you wake up in the morning, you see it on your mirror, in your calendar, maybe you have an alarm on your phone.

Number three is when you wake up, you make it a practice, a ritual every day to ask yourself, for instance, my word is connection, and I really want to connect deeply to so many things in my life. So when I wake up in the morning, it's like, "How can I connect to my daughter today?" And I think of an action. "How can I connect to myself and my body?" "How can I connect to my partner?" "How can I connect to nature?" "How can I connect to my mission?" "How can I connect to the things I'm learning?" That is my word. So I ask that question, "How can I live into that today?"

It's basically create space to find the word, then you're going to make sure you put it wherever you are to see it every day. Number three is you're going to have a practice every morning before the chaos starts happening that you're going to ask, "How can I walk more into your word?"

I would love to know your word. Shoot a little message below so we can share. Sometimes we get motivation and inspiration from others. Shoot it down below, I'd love to learn. Happy, happy new year and make this year and the start to this decade awesome. 


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