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How do you feel about routines?

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2019

I have been traveling a ton since the end of July from Norway to NY to LA to SF to Salt Lake. It's been nonstop. Some pleasure, some work…but there's nothing like having a routine.⁣

I have noticed with Josi that when we have a set routine her energy from the start of the day to the end is calmer. She's not anxious because she knows what's coming in her day. Whether it's a dog or a child or your own routine...it matters! ⁣

Our brain needs to know what's coming. We function better when we're not overwhelmed thinking about what's next. What are your routines?⁣

I consciously took time this year before school to co-create a routine with my daughter and it has made a world of a difference starting out this busy school year.


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