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My Incredible Experience with Dolphins

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2019

I’ve been off the grid and it was so refreshing to shut it all down for a week. Beyond that, I was on a healing retreat...manifesting magic, facilitated by the man, Lou Corleto !

The transformations that occurred during this incredible week are hard to describe in a way that would do any of them justice!⁣

I came to connect with nature by way of swimming with dolphins. The pod of dolphins paled in comparison to the pod of 13 amazing humans that I was able to connect with this week! We all showed up and everyone was graced with breakthroughs that we could have never expected.

When you mix hard work and true commitment amongst a great group of people, the growth brought us to unimaginable outcomes and realizations. Not to mention, we were lucky enough to dive in and swim along-side this amazing gentle giant, I had to pinch myself! ⁣

Given where we were and migration patterns of these creatures, we were in the midst of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Event staff state these incredible creatures do not belong in these waters and have only been there one other time in the last 20 years!! What an experience. Truly incredible.


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