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Uncategorized Aug 05, 2019

On our first day in London, after the red eye, we ventured to explore London on Josi’s first trip over the pond. She was fading after the museum of natural history. So, I pulled out this random kids book I bought that had a scavenger hunt for each location.

We used it for our next stop, The Tower of London. Thank goodness I had it!! It made it so fun for her to learn what she was going to see at the T of L and she was in total search mode to check off all of the items. ⁣

It got me thinking that sometimes our days need just that... a perspective shift. The brain needs to be excited by an intentional task... it must be stimulated. ⁣

What if you asked your brain each morning “today I will find something new to learn?” Or, “today, I am going to challenge myself!” If we dont ask our brains to engage in the days in our lives, we sometimes feel like we are just going thru the motions. ⁣

This is exactly what I witnessed with Josi today. She was losing interest...just walking thru the museums without purpose. The minute she had a challenge and was engaged, not only was she excited... she could tell you everything she found at the TOWER of LONDON. ⁣

Challenge your brain TODAY to search for a new perspective. Switch it up!


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