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Riding the Waves

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2019

While meditating this morning, sitting on the edge of the waters in SD....listening to the sounds of the waves the ocean makes… I got to thinking. Do we live like this? Do we truly embrace flowing with the waves, the current, the movement of life? OR do we FIGHT the flow of life, of everything?

For me, my mission is to find the peace within. I am my truest self and have been focusing on riding the waves, while inspiring others to do the same. ⁣

Life is full of transitions that range from little ones to life changing ones. We face transitions on a daily basis, seasonally, and big life changing transitions like birth, graduations, marriage, trauma, dealth... the list goes on.

How can we embrace those moments while being the BEST of who we were born to be!? We are all unique and operate differently. No one is exactly alike. Life wouldn’t be interesting if we were.  We have all lived different paths, have different life experiences and backgrounds.⁣ ⁣

The GOAL is to be so clear with who we are, our inner compass and our guiding principles, so we can share this in our relationships, at home, at work and in life in general. We MUST honor others truest selves.  It is important to do our best to honor our truest self.

RIDE the waves and push yourself to continue exploring. Discover how your best self operates. How do you feel about riding the WAVES?⁣🌊


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