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Self-Mastery & Team

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2019

I care about self mastery and Team.  0.5 % of the world are extraordinary. CEO, thought leaders, top professional and extreme athletes...I have always looked at them and am obsessed over them because they live life at a different level. ⁣

I’m not a FAN, but an observer that wants to take a piece of how they function in and out of their arena and implement these things that move me in my life. You can too! ⁣

These people fundamentally organize their life to get better and grow with feedback… open to criticism and open to mistakes and failure. Most people are looking for the answers...the quick fix.  But truth is, there are no secrets, no hacks, and definitely no short cuts to any of this. ⁣

Lorena Ochoa is an example of this. She is one of the most extraoridnary athletes I’ve met. She taught me how to push myself to my limits.

She also taught me that to raise the level of my game, I had to make sure that the rest of my life outside the game was being played at the same level. ⛳️


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