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Uncategorized Sep 09, 2019

As I drove from SLC south down to Sundance, I couldn’t get over the massive construction and development since I lived here back in 1997. I even drove through the area in 2010... but boy has it developed since.  It’s unbelievable.  Busier than SLC. However, once you head into the mountains... 15 minutes away from Sundance, it’s peaceful. As I drove up the gorge, I reminisced about living in park city in 1997 and how I loved the peace of the land.  I had only been to Sundance 2x.  Just magical. ⁣

As I pulled up to the entrance, which feels like pulling up to a cabin, I felt like I was hidden away in the mountains.  I got out of the car and heard the water running down the tiny river that runs in between the resort.  Mountains on both sides. ⁣

Robert Redford had quite a vision and knew he had to preserve the land before some developer took it over. ⁣He paid $500.00 for 2 acres in 1961 to build a house for his family! What incredible vision Mr. Redford had early on in his life. ⁣⁣
Sundance gives you an experience with the land that makes you feel alive…which is rare these days. When you leave, you’ll have a story to tell.⁣⁣
Mr. Redford comes from a family of story tellers and he feels Sundance allows you to have an experience with the land that is rare these days. It’s crazy, the first night I literally sat side by side with the legend himself, Robert Redford & boy, does he have a presence! I hope someday I leave a legacy like this man did!


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