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The Importance of Influencers

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2019

Today I had a phone call with a parent and found myself feeling very frustrated! She was communicating to me that her daughter, who by the way is a great athlete, is having a difficult time with her coach.

She comes home crying from her practices and games because she is constantly yelled at and feeling belittled when mistakes occur.⁣

Have any of you experienced this old school way of coaching in your lives? Maybe it was not a coach but a parent that was the dictator of the household?⁣

I certainly have at different times throughout my athletic career! I remember feeling small and unable to really leave it all out on the field, for fear of being criticized for my actions. This led me to want to start a conversation with you all in an attempt to flip this old school method on it’s head! ⁣

How can we as coaches and parents continue to instill life’s lessons upon our kids and athletes while maintaining the individual’s own personal style of learning?⁣

It’s ironic to me that we are all told as youngsters, “do it this way, because I said so” yet as adults we are told that we must “embrace our own ways of doing things” to help differentiate ourselves from the “competition”.

In the latter of these, we are taught that exploring and failing are the paths to success, yet this is not usually the case as young athletes or children. ⁣


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