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The Importance of Pivoting

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019

oday was quite a juggle. I knew it would be... dance recital Sunday afternoon, but had to grab her out of show early so we could rush to a redeye to JFK so we could be back in NY on time for our 11th Golf Fore Africa Event. Well, that was the plan so I thought... You know what I am talking about?

When you have a plan that’s laid out perfectly to the minute...but then the unexpected occurs. YUP! I got the email just as I pulled Josi out of the show early. Reno to PHX flight delayed. Which meant we weren’t going to make our connection for the red eye. No problem though... American will just have to find another flight for me. I didn’t realize at that point that a call back would take 4 hours. ⁣

So, plan B. We decided to go to Reno airport and attempt to get help there. HUGE line. When I finally spoke to someone we found out that there weren’t any options. The only option to make it for Monday’s event was to drive 2+ hours to Sacramento.

So, Matt, my savior, did just that! My point is… after a lot of questions and failures, through some unexpected road blocks, we found a solution. Life happens. Shit happens. Do you let it ruin your day?! Do the ‘problems’ take you off the target? Or do you adjust and make it happen?⁣

You can never control what happens. What you can control is your thoughts and reactions to different circumstances. Something to think about... ⁣


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