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The things you realize when you become a mom...

Uncategorized May 12, 2019

Josi and I ventured home for a few special events this week. My oldest niece Taylor’s 24th, my second cousin Allie’s wedding and to spend Mother’s Day with my mom, Josi’s Grammie, and the rest of the crew. It’s so nice to be home with everyone. Josi really needed to spend some quality time with her 18 cousins since our move. ⁣

After 3 days of running around, as I sit here in my mothers house...in the room I have slept in the last 6 years...memories come flashing back to me. What an amazing time I’ve had spending my daughter’s first years with my mom by our side. You name it, she was there. Helping with laundry, dirty sheets, feedings, diaper changes, homework, playtime, my mom was there. She has been the rock. ⁣

And the funny thing is, when I told her about having Josi by myself she seemed mostly worried. But she has been all in and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. Of course, we had our moments living together... who doesn’t. But the memories I have of my daughter and her bonding are priceless.⁣

One major memory is Josi snuggling in bed with me when she just started to walk. The minute she would hear Grammie come down the stairs she would roll out of bed and run down the hallway to give Grammie good morning hugs. I think about the times she would walk on the beach with gram and be so excited to find beach glass for Grammies collection.⁣

The trips we’ve made together are beyond from Tahiti, to Florida, to AZ, to Montauk and more. These adventures could never be recreated! ⁣

Although we have moved across country, I know I will make time to continue to create such special memories with this incredible woman. It’s hard to leave the comfort when you have such an incredible MOM by your side. ⁣

Mom, I can’t thank you enough for your unconditional love for me, my daughter, Matt and our life adventure. You always give me the courage to go after things because you believe in me!!!⁣

There is nothing this woman can’t do!! My mom is one in a million!! And although I know this move to Tahoe was right for me, the hardest part is being so far from this incredible woman who touches us all in so many ways. Thank you mom. I love you so much!⁣


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