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"I am living with a mindset that gives me power!"

How much do you agree with that statement?

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Below a 10?

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Find Out How to Discover Your Truest Self and Find Your Flow State

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You'll KNOW what to focus on to live your best self, leading with clarity, alignment and mindfulness.

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How Can I Live My Best Self?

Know Your Why.

Clarity of who you are and what you want in life will allow you to live as your truest self. 

Over 17 years of playing golf at the professional level, coaching, and helping hundreds of individuals of all ages has helped me confirm these seven areas are the key to your power. Let's get you there.

Are You Prepared for Your Life's Transitions?

Transition is a natural part of life which may come at us unexpectedly or intentionally. Despite the circumstances of change, a clean mind keeps you in charge of it. 

Transition gives you the power to transform the way you see yourself and your lifeI have experienced this time and time again, and want to share my lessons with you. 

Live In Alignment

I want to help you align your work with your why to reach your greatest potential!

A good friend and amazing client of the past 3 years said of WP Coaching:

"I have shifted my thinking and see positive results that have helped me move forward in my life."


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